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Melville Koppies Nature Reserve

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Melville Koppies: Birds

Birds recorded at Melville Koppies

Illustrations and further information can be found in L.J.Bunning, (1998) The Birds Of The Botanical Gardens,Emmarentia Dam And The Melville Koppies, (1998), Johannesburg, The Johannesburg Garden Foundation.

The Melville Koppies Management Committee has some remaining copies of this valuable book, which is now out of print. There are a few additional names from personal communications. (Total 185)

Birds ringed on the Koppies are marked "®"

Roberts Number and Common nameScientific NameStatus
R55 Whitebreasted CormorantPhalocrocrax carbooften flying over
R58 Reed CormorantPhalocrocrax africanusoften flying over
R60 DarterAnhinga melanogasteroccasionally flying over
R62 Grey HeronArdea cinereaoccasionally flying over
R63 Blackheaded HeronArdea melanocephalaoften flying over
R65 Purple HeronArdea Purpurearare flying over
R66 Great White EgretEgretta albaoccasionally flying over
R67 Little EgretEgretta garzettarare flying over
R68 Yellowbilled EgretEgretta intermediarare flying over
R71 Cattle EgretBubulcis ibisoften flying over
R72 Squacco HeronArdeola ralloidesrare flying over
R76 Night HeronNycticorax nycticoraxrare flying over
R81 HamerkopScopus umbrettavery rare
R83 White Stork Ciconia ciconiacircling Nov-Mar
R85 Abdims StorkCiconia abdimiicircling Oct-Apr
R91 Sacred IbisThreskiornis aethiopicusoften flying over
R93 Glossy IbisPlegadis falcinellusoften flying over
R94 Hadeda IbisBostrychia hagedashoften
R95 African SpoonbillPlatelea albavery rare flying over
R102 Egyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiacusoccasionally flying over
R105 African Black DuckAnus sparsavery rare
R116 Spurwinged GoosePlectropterus gambensisrare flying over
R127 Blackshouldered KiteElanus caeruleusoccasionally
R126 Yellowbilled KiteMilvus migransoccasionally hawking Oct-Mar
R131 Black EagleAquila verreauxiirare flying over
R148 African Fish EagleHaliaeetus vocifervery rare flying over
R149 Steppe BuzzardButeo buteooccasionally Oct-Apr
R152 Jackal BuzzardButeo rufofuscusvery rare hawking
R158 Black SparrowhawkAccipiter melaneoleucusvery rare
R159 Little Banded Goshawk® Accipiter badiusoften Dec
R162 Chanting GoshawkMelierax musicusvery rare
R172 Lanner Falcon®Falco biarmicusoften hawkingsummer
R181 Rock KestrelFalco tinninculusoften
R188 Coqui FrancolinFrancolinus coquirare
R199 Swainson’s FrancolinFrancolinus swainsoniiresident
R196 Natal Francolin
R203 Helmeted Guineafowl®Numida meleagrisresident
R211 CorncrakeCrex crexrare Nov-Apr
R255 Crowned Plover®Vanellus coronatusoften
R258 Blacksmith PloverVanellus armatusoccasionally flying over
R260 Wattled PloverVanellus senegallusoccasionally flying over
R264 Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucosrare Aug-Apr
R297 Spotted Dikkop®Burhinus capensisresident
R315 Greyheaded GullLarus cirrocephalusoccasionally flying over
R349 Rock pigeon®Columba guineaoccasionally roosts
R350 Rameron PigeonColumba arquatrixoften
R352 Redeyed Dove®Streptopelia semitorquataoften
R354 Cape Turtle Dove® Streptopelia capicolaoften
R355 Laughing Dove® Streptopelia senegalensisresident
R356 Namaqua DoveOena capensisrare
R373 Grey LourieCorythaixoides concolooften
R375 African CuckooCuculus gularisvery rare Aug-Apr
R377 Redchested Cuckoo® Cuculus solitariusoften Oct-Mar
R378 Black CuckooCuculus clamosusrare Oct-Apr
R380 Great Spotted CuckooCuculus glandariusvery rare Sep-Apr
R382 Jacobin CuckooClamator jacobinusrare Oct-Apr
R385 Klaas’s CuckooChrysococcyx klaasrare Sept-Apr
R386 Diederik Cuckoo® Chrysococcyx capriusresident Oct-Apr
R391 Burchell’s CoucalCentropus burchelliioccasionally
R392 Barn OwlTylo albavery rare
R404 European NightjarCaprimulgus europaeusoccasionally Nov-Mar
R401 Spotted Eagle Owl®Bubo africanusresident
R411 European Swift®Apus apusoften overhead Oct-Jan
R412 Black SwiftApus barbatusoften overhead Sep-Apr
R415 White Rumped Swift® Apus cafferoften overhead Aug-Apr
R416 Horus Swift® Apus horusoccasionally overhead Oct-Apr
R417 Little Swift® Apus affiiusoften overhead all year
R421 Palm Swift®Cypsiurus parvusoften overhead all year
R424 Speckled Mousebird®Colius stratusoften
R425 Whitebacked Mousebird® Colius coliusoccasionally
R426 Redfaced Mousebird®Urocolius indicusoften
R429 Giant KingfisherMegaceryle maximavery rare
R431 Malachite Kingfisher®Alcedo cristataoccasionally
R435 Brownhooded KingfisherHalcyon albiventrisvery rare
R438 European Beeeater®Merops apiasteroften overhead Sep-May
R446 European RollerCoriacas garrulusvery rare
R447 Lilacbreasted RollerCoriacas caudatavery rare
R451 Hoopoe®Upupa epopsresident
R452 Redbilled Woodhoopoe®Phoeniculus purpureusoften
R454 Scimitarbilled WoodhoopoeRhinopomastis cyanomelasvery rare
R457 Grey HornbillTockus nasutusrare
R458 Redbilled HornbillTockus erythrorhynchusvery rare
R464 Blackcollard Barbet®Lybius torquatusresident
R465 Pied Barbet®Tricholaema leucomelasresident
R473 Crested Barbet®Trachyphonus vaillantiiresident
R474 Greater Honeyguide®Indicator indicatoroccasionally
R476 Lesser Honeyguide® Indicator minoroften
R478 SharpbilledHoneyguide®Prodotiscus regulusoften
R483 Goldentailed Woodpecker®Campethera abingonioccasionally
R486 Cardinal Woodpecker®Dendropicus fuscescensoften
R489 Redthroated Wryneck®Jynx ruficollisoften
R518 European Swallow®Hirundu rusticaoften Sep-Apr
R520 Whitethroated Swallow®Hirundu albigularisoften Aug-Apr
R526 Greater Striped Swallow®Hirundu cucullataresident Aug-Apr
R527 Lesser Striped Swallow®Hirundu abyssinicaoccasionally Jul-Mar
R528 South African Cliff SwallowHirundu spiloderarare Aug-Apr
R529 Rock Martin® Hirundu fuligulaoften
R530 House Martin®Delichon urbicaoccasionally Oct-Apr
R533 Brownthroated Martin®Riparia paludicolaoccasionally
R538 Black Cuckooshrike®Campephaga flavarare
R540 Grey CuckooshrikeCoracina caesiavery rare
R541 Forkedtailed DrongoDicrurus adsimilisvery rare
R543 European Golden Oriole®Oriolus oriolusrare Oct-Apr
R545 Blackheaded Oriole®Oriolus larvatusoccasionally
R548 Pied CrowCorvus albusoften overhead
R568 Blackeyed Bulbul®Pycnonotus barbatusresident
R577 Olive Thrush®Turdus olivaceusresident
R581 Cape Rock Thrush
R587 Capped Wheatear®Oenanthe pileatavery rare Summer
R589 Familiar ChatCercomelia familiarisrare
R593 Mocking ChatThamnoleae cinnamomeventris
R596 Stone Chat®Saxicola torquataoccasionally
R601 Cape Robin®Cossypha caffraresident
R613 Whitebrowed RobinErythropygia leucophyrysvery rare
R619 Garden Warbler®Sylvia borinoften Oct-Aug
R621 Titbabbler®Parisoma caeruleumoften Winter
R628 Great Reed Warbler®Acrocephalus arundinaceusrare Nov-Mar
R633 European Marsh Warbler®Acrocephalus palustrisoften Nov-May
R643 Willow Warbler®Phylloscopus trochilisoften Oct-Apr
R645 Barthroated Apalis®Apalis thoracicaoccasionally
R651 Longbilled CrombecSylvietta rufescensrare
R664 Fantailed Cisticola®Cisticola juncidisoften
R670 Wailing Cistocla®Cisticola laisoften
R672 Rattling Cistocla®Cisticola chinianaoften
R677 LeVaillant’s CistocolaCisticola tinniensrare
R681 NeddickyCisticola capilliaoften
R683 Tawneyflanked Prinia®Prinia subflavaoccasionally
R685 Blackchested Prinia® Prinia flavicansresident
R689 Spotted Flycatcher®Muscicapa striataoften Apr-Sep
R694 Black FlycatcherMelaenormis pammelianavery rare
R698 Fiscal Flycatcher®Sigelus silensoften
R701 Chinspot BatisBatis molitorrare
R706 Fairy Flycatcher®Stenostria scitaoften Apr-Sep
R710 Paradise Flycatcher®Terpsphone viridisoften Oct-Mar
R713 Cape Wagtail®Motacilla capensisoccasionally
R716 Grassveld Pipit®Anthus cinnamomeusoften
R717 Longbilled Pipit® Anthus similisoften
R718 Plainbacked PipitAnthus leucophrisoften
R719 Buffy PipitAnthus vaalensisoften
R720 Striped Pipit® Anthus lineiventrisoften
R727 Orangethroated Longclaw®Macronyx capensisoften
R731 Lesser Grey Shrike®Lanius minoroccasionally Nov-Mar
R732 Fiscal Shrike® Lanius collarisresident
R733 Redbacked Shrike® Lanius colluriooccasionally Oct-Apr
R736 Southern Boubou®Laniarius ferrugineusresident
R739 Crimsonbreasted Shrike® Laniarius atrococcineusno longer present
R740 Puffback Shrike®Dryoscopus cubiaoccasionally
R741 BrubruNilaus aferrare
R743 Threestreaked Tchagra®Tchagra australisoften
R744 Blackcrowned Tchagra® Tchagra senegalaoften
R746 Bokmakierie®Telophorus zeylonusresident
R753 White Helmetshrike®Prionops plumatusoccasionally
R758 Indian MynaAcrodotheres tristisoccasionally
R759 Pied Starling®Spreo bicoloroccasionally
R761 Plumcoloured Starling®Cinnyricinclus leucogasterrare
R764 Glossy Starling®Lamprotornis nitensresident
R769 Redwinged Starling®Onychognathus moriorare
R775 Malachite Sunbird®Nectarina famosaoccasionally winter
R787 Whitebellied Sunbird®Nectarinia talatalaoften
R792 Black Sunbird® Nectarinia amethystinaoften
R796 Cape White-eye®Zosterops pallidusresident
R801 House SparrowPasser domesticusoccasionally
R803 Cape Sparrow®Passer melanurusresident
R804 Greyheaded Sparrow®Passer diffusisrare
R807 Thickbilled Weaver®Amblyospiza albifronsrare
R811 Spottedbacked Weaver®Ploceus cucullatusrare
R813 Cape Weaver®Ploceus capensisresident
R814 Masked Weaver®Ploceus velatusresident
R821 Redbilled Quelea®Quelea queleaoccasionally
R824 Red Bishop®Euplectes orixoften
R826 Golden BishopEuplectes aferoccasionally
R831 Redcollared Widow® Euplectes ardensrare
R832 Longtailed WidowEuplectes prognevery rare
R834 Melba Finch®Pytelia melbarare
R844 Blue Waxbill®Uraeginthus angolensisoccasionally
R845 Violeteared Waxbill® Uraeginthus granatinusrare
R846 Common Waxbill®Estrilda astrildoccasionally
R852 Quail FinchOrtygospiza atricollisvery rare
R857 Bronze Mannikin®Spermestes cucullataoccasionally
R860 Pintailed Whydah®Vidua macrourarare
R869 Yelloweyed CanarySerinus mozambicusoccasionally
R870 Blackthroated Canary® Serinus atrogularisoften
R881 Streakeyheaded Canary® Serinus gularisoften
R886 Rock Bunting®Emberiza tahapisioften
911 European Blackcap®Sylvia atricapillavery rareSummer